Photos of Nisha and her home

These are photos of one of my best friends in The Hague called Nisha. When I still lived in The Hague I was round her house nearly every day, just watching t.v together, drawing or making cake.
When I think back on it I spent probably the same amount of time at her house as I spent in my own, that is why when I thought about it it just seemed to make sense that I document her house as well cause I would consider it home. What I also found very interesting is that because I went to an international school all my friends have moved around to different countries and because of this each of their houses told of a journey , my house for instance is decorated in an middle eastern style where as Nisha's is very African.

I was thinking of doing a whole series like this going to my friends homes and capturing the the atmosphere that made my feel so comfortable and then doing the same in Leeds, so in a way documenting a 'Home away from home' sort of idea.

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