Day Trips

I have started of this project with a very open mind. Having based my dissertation around the theme of 'Home' I can not say that I have grown particullary bored of the subject, on the other hand I think it would be interesting to work with this theme basing and applying it to my present situation.

Being a student I find myself never really leaving certain areas and therefor only really know Hyde Park, Headingly and the town center,I find it peculiar that i have lived in a town for now nearly 3 years but having never had the erge to go out and get to know the city.

The photos that you see below are the first photos of my little 'day trips' around Leeds. On these trips I literally just try and walk as far as possible I do not give myself a certain time period or have a certain goal in sight, I literally just let my self dirft. I think that is imporatnt if you want to explore a town, if you have a goal where you want to go, you just shut down and walk straight towards it wth out giving yourself anytime to look around and take in yoursurroundings.


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