Black and White series of mum

I found that the photos that I took of my mum earlier (the ones where she is working) were not very natural, she is much to aware of the camera in those photos and thats why she acts and poses for the photos. It is nearly impossible getting my mother of guard which is very annoying cause you constantly have to tell her to just continue what she was doing as if she was alone.

What I did below was literally a practice series. I wanted to see what it would look like to take really clean conventional portrait shots in front of a white wall with a flash. I don't think that the photos are spectacular in anyway but I do enjoy how the main focus is draw to my mothers expression, even though it is posed it is still a natural moment between the two of us.

I think especially because my mum expresses her self a lot using her facial expressions and hands this could work really nicely capturing moments.

I found it very difficult working with my mum because she is a very expressive active person who very much uses her hands and facial expressions when she talks, i tryed some simple black and whites infront of a whit wall to so that the main focus could go into her face

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