My relationship to grandmas home

I find my grandma's house incrediblly interesting and it is just great fun taking photos in it because there are so many little objects and corners to find new things in.
I think my grandmas house is a great example of home for me maybe even the example of home. In all the years that I have moved around the world we would always come back here and stay with her. Seeing that I have moved houses 9 times in my life it is really nice to have something that is consistant. Everything in my grandmas house has its spot nothing has been renovated or moved since she had moved in a couple of years after the war. Every piece of furniture was added slowly over the years to create a near to perect beige apparment. A lot of love and thouught has gone into this house and nearly every object has an amazing story that comes with it, this is what I would like to capture in my photos the warm and loving atmosphere of a grannies home.

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